2 2019

Now Accepting Applications for our 2019 IAWF Student Scholarships

In an effort to promote scholarly pursuits and graduate level training within the global wildland fire community, we will again be awarding two graduate-level scholarships, each valued at $3,000 USD to IAWF members who are Master of Science/Arts (MSc/MA) or Doctoral (PhD) students studying wildland fire or wildland fire-related topics. We encourage applications from students studying any aspect of wildland fire, be it from the perspective of physical, ecological or social science or less traditional subject areas. The application period will be open from 6 March 2019 to 19 April 2019. Scholarship recipients will be announced by mid-June 2019. The scholarships will be awarded to the top MSc and PhD applicants based on the student’s submitted essay.

Learn more and apply: https://www.iawfonline.org/scholarships/

Embracing Diversity and Inclusion

Being a diverse and inclusive organization enables the International Association of Wildland Fire to learn from others, grow our understanding, and find new ways to address, understand and implement solutions to complex problems. We maintain a positive, empowering, inclusive, and innovative culture that enables all members of the fire community to feel safe and valued when contributing to the IAWF. We operate in a flexible and open manner to help members achieve their fullest potential.

See our Full Diversity and Inclusion Policy: https://www.iawfonline.org/diversity-inclusion/

Principles of Conduct – Living Our Values – Leading by Example


In the conduct of personal and professional matters, IAWF places high importance on the values of integrity, responsibility, and reputation. We are committed to maintaining high standards both within the organization and in our dealings with others in our daily lives. Our leadership has developed Principles of Conduct to define acceptable and unacceptable ethical behaviors. It’s important that our standards are readily available, clear, and understandable. We’ve established these guidelines to be followed by all members at all times, and non-members who may be participating in any IAWF activities. This helps ensure that IAWF promotes, achieves, and maintains high standards of practice and provides a benchmark for members and non-members participating in IAWF activities to use for self-evaluation. Compliance with these standards demonstrates our individual and collective respect for our profession, our professional and personal relationships with others, and our respect and commitment to the long-term vision, goals, and values of IAWF.

In an additional effort to ensure the safety and comfort of all members and participants at all times at IAWF events, we have recently joined with the Spot company to utilize their AI reporting tool.

IAWF news spot software graphic low-res.png

This tool provides a mechanism for members and others to safely speak up, report, and document any incidents of inappropriate behavior and violations of the IAWF Principles of Conduct. It provides safety and security. Reporting can remain anonymous. We’re very excited to add this capability to our efforts to improve diversity, inclusivity, and reduce inappropriate behavior in our activities. Additional information about this reporting tool will be coming very soon. We plan to have Spot available by the 6th International Fire Behavior and Fuels Conference.

Read our Principles of Conduct: https://www.iawfonline.org/diversity-inclusion/