August 2021 | Training
The best training possible: But not the best training  By Kelsy Gibos
COVID-19 has changed so many components of our day-to-day wildfire operations; not one discipline has been left untouched.
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January 2020 | Safety and Health
We can provide a universal Basic Fireline Life Support system – and we should By Writer Wildfire Magazine
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December 2017 | Fire Science
Review & Reflection: Barcelona Fire Week - 2017 By Writer, Wildfire Magazine
Lessons learned when two linked conferences - one focused on safety, the other on prescribed fires – invite a range of global experts…
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November 2017 | Community
Women on Fire, Lighting up a New Path By Writer Wildfire Magazine
A women's focused prescribed fire training exchange helps women and men build a more inclusive and successful culture for our fire profession.…
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October 2017 | Community
UK Wildfire Conference focuses on Resilience By Writer Wildfire Magazine
Hosted in Dorset on the south coast of England, the conference will focus on "Wildfire resilience in a UK context"
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