Editors-in-Chief: Susan G. Conard and Stefan Doerr

The International Journal of Wildland Fire is published on behalf of the International Association of Wildland Fire by CSIRO Publishing. The journal is published online and in print twelve times per year.

International Journal of Wildland Fire publishes new and significant papers that advance basic and applied research concerning wildland fire. The journal welcomes papers aimed at understanding the basic principles of fire as a process; its interactions with the weather and climate; its impacts on ecology, hydrology, geomorphology, landscape carbon dynamics, the atmosphere, and society; modelling fire and its effects; or presenting information on how to effectively and efficiently manage fire. Manuscripts from both the physical and the social sciences will be considered.

The journal has an international perspective, since wildland fire plays a major social, economic and ecological role in many regions of the world and strongly interacts with global climate change.

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An Archive of all published papers is available electronically. Our Early Alert service will inform you of new issues and their contents on publication (twelve emails per year).

Prospective authors are encouraged to examine the Author Instructions. The journal welcomes papers aimed at understanding the basic principles of fire as a process, understanding its ecological impact at the stand level and the landscape level, modeling fire and its effects, or presenting information on how to effectively and efficiently manage fire. All papers are refereed rigorously by the Journal’s Editorial Board and external reviewers.

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Editorial Advisory Committee

The Editorial Advisory Committee was established to provide general guidance and direction on policy and operations pertaining to the editing, management and production of the International Journal of Wildland Fire (IJWF).

  • Steve Miller, Chair – USA
  • Stefan Doerr, Editor – UK
  • Susan Conard, Editor – USA
  • Paulo Fernandes,  Portugal
  • Bret Butler – USA
  • Juli Pausas – Spain
  • Jenny Foster – Australia
  • Geoff Cary – Australia
  • Mike Flannigan – Canada
  • Nancy French – USA
  • Albert Simeoni – USA
  • Michael Gollner – USA
  • Richard Thornton – Australia
  • Guillermo Rein – UK

Outstanding Associate Editor Award

2010: Robert E. Keane, Research Ecologist United States Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station at the Missoula Fire Sciences Laboratory READ MORE

2011: Douglas McRae, Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forest Service (CFS) READ MORE

2012: Andrew Sullivan, CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences head of the Bushfire Dynamics and Applications (BDA) Group READ MORE

2013: Bonita McFarland, Leader of Fire Social Science at Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forest Service in Edmonton, Alberta READ MORE

2014: Nancy H.F. French, Michigan Tech Research Institute, Michigan Technological University READ MORE

2015: Don McKenzie, Research Ecologist with the US Forest Service, at the Pacific Northwest Research Station, and affiliate faculty at the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences, University of Washington READ MORE

2016: Geoff Cary, Australian National University READ MORE

2017: Sarah McCaffrey, Research Forester, USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station READ MORE

2018: Martin P. Girardin, Research Scientist, Forest Ecology, Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forest Service, Laurentian Forestry Centre READ MORE

2019: Fernando Ojeda, Professor, Universidad de Cádiz, Puerto Real, Spain READ MORE

2020: Bret Butler, United States Forest Service READ MORE

2021: Marc-André Parisien, Canadian Forest Service READ MORE

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