May 2021 | Fired Up
On a mission By DylanBruce
Núria Prat-Guitart leads the project and research area within Spain’s Pau Costa Foundation.
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March 2021 | Fired Up
Fired Up: Lifelong Learner and Doer By DylanBruce
"I am proud of the small role I played in adapting all the skills I learned in fire to a much greater…
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November 2020 | Fired Up
Fired Up: Medic on the Fire Line By DylanBruce
The “Fired Up” initiative features those who have made strides in advancing and contributing to wildfire/bushfire operations, mitigation/prevention, training and research
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November 2018 | Fired Up
2017 Early Career Award in Fire Operations Recipient and Fired Up Honoree – Dr. Sara Brown By Mikel Robinson
Leadership and commitment – “Making the best of what you have!”
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April 2018 | Fired Up
Fired Up Honoree - Cybelle Immitt By Michele Steinberg
IAWF commends Cybelle for her innovative approach of tying in wildfire safety with natural resource planning. In addition to being featured in…
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May 2017 | Fired Up
Fired Up Honorees: Waldbrandteam (Forest Fire Team), Germany By Tom Zimmerman
The success story of forming a Type 2 Initial Attack Fire Crew in Germany.
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