August 2023 | Technology
The Digital Forest: Is Sensor Technology the Way Forward? By IAWF Executive Director
The Internet of Things (IoT) is a rapidly growing field with applications in a wide range of industries. Early adopters were drawn…
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November 2020 | Technology
Engineering A Safer Crew Protection System By Andrew Webb and Andy Gooden
Burn-over crew protection systems have been installed into fleets of rural wildland Fire-Fighting Vehicles (FFVs) in parts of Australia, successfully providing protection…
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August 2018 | Technology
MyRadar weather app integrates wildfire layer By Writer Wildfire Magazine
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June 2017 | Fire Science
Updating the LANDFIRE Fuel Data Jumpstarts Local Planning Efforts By Writer Wildfire Magazine
For fuel, fire and land managers in the United States, the LANDFIRE program provides a data safety net by producing biannually updated…
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March 2016 | Fire Science
Fire Modeling in an Uncertain World By Writer Wildfire Magazine
When considering fire behavior, shouldn't we also consider what can be the "wicked problem" of uncertainty? Here, researcher Rachel Quill offers a…
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January 2016 | Technology
Free GPS App Tools for Volunteer and Seasonal Firefighters By Writer Wildfire Magazine
Gaia GPS shares the smartphone app and GaiaPro subscription to support and assist firefighters working in the field.
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