November 2020 | President's Desk
IAWF President's Desk: Leading In Crisis By Toddi Steelman
During this current generational crisis of historical proportions all of us are being called upon in ways unfamiliar to us. We are…
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September 2020 | President's Desk
PRESIDENT’S DESK Wildfires and COVID-19 By Toddi Steelman
In this pandemic era everyone is impacted, including all those who work and live with wildfire. As IAWF President Toddi Steelman reflects…
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May 2020 | President's Desk
PRESIDENT'S DESK: Crossing our social tipping points By Ron Steffens
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January 2020 | President's Desk
PRESIDENT'S DESK: Transitions and Welcoming in a New Decade By Writer Wildfire Magazine
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November 2019 | President's Desk
PRESIDENT'S DESK: Sharing the knowledge we need By Writer Wildfire Magazine
A reflection on aviation use and the work of IAWF
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August 2019 | President's Desk
Vice-President's Desk: Who Speaks for the Climate? By Writer Wildfire Magazine
The wildfire community can help frame our conversation on climate strategies.
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