August 2023 | Policy
Brazil Develops Prevention Strategy: Government Commits To Prescribed Burns And More Firefighters By IAWF Executive Director
In accordance with an order issued by Marina Silva, Brazil’s minister of the environment and climate change, an environmental emergency was declared…
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October 2021 | Policy
Canada Creates Guide for WUI Fires By Allison Mills and Noureddine Bénichou
A need for comprehensive guidance for planners, builders, decision makers and emergency responders working in Canada’s wildland urban interface (WUI) has driven…
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August 2021 | Policy
Sixth-generation fires: Public-policy change toward prevention required to address large-scale events By IAWF Executive Director
Felipe Gonzalez, former president of Spain, delivered a keynote address during the 16th Wildland Fire Safety Summit | 6th Human Dimensions of…
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January 2020 | Policy
The Path to Strategic Wildland Fire Management Planning By Writer Wildfire Magazine
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February 2018 | Community
California needs to rethink urban fire risk after tragedies By Writer Wildfire Magazine
We recently witnessed the wind-driven Tubbs fire blast its way through densely urbanized neighborhoods in Northern California, causing dozens of fatalities and…
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