November 2019 | Fire Science
News from IJWF - the Wildland Fire Science Journal By Mikel Robinson
A new IJWF committee chair and editorial team news
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August 2019 | Fire Science
Alaska's Fire Environment: Not an Average Place By Writer Wildfire Magazine
The following is a compilation of excerpts from the keynote presentation given by Robert "Zeke" Ziel at the Albuquerque location of the…
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June 2019 | Fire Science
Science for Success, Part 2: Science at a Crossroads By Writer Wildfire Magazine
The challenge for wildfire science (and those who apply it) is reinventing our contract with society.
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June 2019 | Fire Globe
Fire Globe: Wildfire in Turkey By Writer Wildfire Magazine
Fire management challenges at an ancient crossroads of nature & culture
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April 2019 | Fire Science
Wildfire Science for Success (Part 1 in a series). By Writer Wildfire Magazine
A healthy fire-science ecosystem is essential – but not a magic bullet – for managing our wildfire and bushfire challenges. In this…
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November 2018 | Fire Science
A Future Without the Joint Fire Science Program? By Ron Steffens
“The JFSP represents the gold standard in recognizing gaps in knowledge and partnering to meet research needs.” - From the 2017 JSFP…
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