3 2018

Thanks to everyone who attended The Fire Continuum Conference

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It was a great week in Missoula this May, filled with top-notch presentations, fantastic sponsors and exhibitors and tons of great networking opportunities. We were honored to partner with the Association for Fire Ecology on another successful endeavor. Check out the photos from the conference on the conference webpage, www.firecontinuumconference.org.

Upcoming Conferences

Partner Conference

8th International Conference on Forest Fire Research

November 09-16, 2018

ADAI Rua Pedro Hispano 12, 3031-601 Coimbra PORTUGAL

ICFFR Portugal logo.jpg
ICFFR Portugal Conference

The International Conference on Forest Fire Research has been organized every four years since 1990, providing a forum for scientists from all around the World to present and discuss recent advances on their research topics related to forest fires. For more information, visit https://www.adai.pt/event/event/home/index.php?target=home&event=3&defLang=2

Outstanding Leadership Award

IAWF News Annie Benoit web.jpg
Anne Beloit (left)

Each year we honor several outstanding students who participate in training classes. We are pleased to honor Annie Benoit who was awarded the Outstanding Leadership Award at the S-590 class at NARFI this Spring.

Benoit is a Training Specialist, Washington Office-Workforce Development Branch-USFS/NWCG. During the course, she exhibited exceptional fire analyst skills. She maintained a consistent focus on honing her skills using a critical mindset to acquire information, analyze it and deliver interpretation of complex situations. She also exhibited leadership qualities by assisting peers with grasping skills and improving as a team. She entered the course with a high skill set and sought to improve herself, others and the profession.

Congratulations Annie. She will be awarded with a one-year membership to the IAWF.

If you have a class and would like to honor an outstanding student, please contact us at [email protected]

IAWF Mentoring Program

The IAWF is piloting a Mentoring Program and would like to invite you to participate, either as a mentor or mentee. We are currently gathering a list of interested individuals, who will then be assigned based on interests and geographical locations if possible. Please visit out webpage for more information and to express your interest. www.iawfonline.org/what-we-do