2 2019
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Briefing by the Editors – Marjie Brown and Ron Steffens

While we’ve been covering global fire news and issues for a good amount of time (the magazine is entering our 28th year), this month we’re expanding by adding two new features (plus a new editor too).

First, we’re helping launch an IAWF “Issues Paper” initiative – to examine key issues and spark a dialogue and action. The first topic is “Extreme Fires” – which leads into our second new feature: a series of articles examining “The Fire Globe.” With articles on Greece, California and Tasmania we follow the chronology of an extreme-fire year across the globe. And will continue to do so. Also in this issue: an invitation to a tri-nationally hosted Fuels and Fire Behavior Conference, two columns on leadership, and a two-part analysis of how we might build a “Wildfire Science for Success” tradition.

With this expansion, it was time to grow our staff. Meet our new Managing Editor, Marjie Brown, though with her years of work as a wildfire writer, it’s only natural to let her introduce herself:

Marjie Brown

After writing about wildland fire for nearly fifteen years, I am thrilled to join IAWF as Managing Editor of Wildfire Magazine. Many of you in the US and abroad have known me as a regular face at conferences, workshops and field tours for over a decade. I can reliably spotted sitting in the second row for presentations, snapping photos, birthing hashtags and tweeting away. I’ve also been known to irritatingly weasel up to the front of the group with my camera on conference field trips (Sorry!). You may know me through my many years as a wildland fire science writer for the Joint Fire Science Program. I may have even pestered you for an interview for a Fire Science Brief. Over time I’ve developed a valued crew of perpetually inspiring friends and colleagues from across the spectrum of wildfire professionals whom I consider family. As I integrate myself into the global community of IAWF, I look forward to expanding that family by meeting as many of you as possible, hearing and sharing your stories, learning from you, and generally being in awe of your experience and knowledge. I believe the more connected we are – in person, through the stories in this magazine, digital pathways, or all of the above, the stronger our wildfire work and community will be as we face our shared future on this warming planet.

Would you like to contribute an article or photos to Wildfire Magazine? Do you have feedback for us as we expand our content? Find me on Twitter @wildfirewriter_, message me on Linkedin, say hello through email ([email protected]), or flag me down in Albuquerque.

Be safe and hope to see you soon – Marjie

With Marjie as managing editor, I’ll continue in an editing role as executive editor while also looking for publishing strategies to promote our communities and conversations. I join with Marjie and ask for your guidance, input and help in covering the Fire Globe.