february 2016

Volunteer and seasonal firefighters, wherever you work world-wide, you can contact Gaia GPS for a free copy of the smartphone app + GaiaPro subscription.

The producers of Gaia GPS timed this announcement to coincide with the release of a new feature in v10.4 of Gaia GPS for iOS. The new “areas” feature lets GaiaPro users create shapes, measure area and perimeters, download maps based on areas, and import areas from KML files. Wildland firefighters and Alaskan smokejumpers have long requested this newly launched area feature.

Example of mapping and determining area using GaiaGPS and GaiaPro tools.

Prior to this release, firefighters have used Gaia GPS to help plan escape routes, mark fire lines, and track a fire’s progression, using features like downloadable Forest Service maps for work when offline and out of cell range, route creation, marking waypoints, and the ability to add a lat/long or MGRS grid for quick sharing of a precise location.

Some of the specific additions to the toolset in v10.4 include:

  • Auto-naming – No more “My Track” and “My Photo” default names—tracks, routes, waypoints, maps, and photos receive automatically generated names based on location, unless you manually add names.
  • 3D-Touch Support – Gaia utilizes a new iOS feature available for iPhone 6S—3-D Touch for peek and pop actions over map source icons.
  • Track Duplication – Duplicate your tracks before editing to avoid accidental loss of data.
  • Improved Language Support – We added and updated translations for the Gaia GPS app and App Store description in 15 languages.

New GaiaPro features include:

  • Polygons – One of the longest-running, most requested features in our Idea Forum, polygons allow you to create areas, measure area and perimeters, download maps based on areas, and import areas from KML.
  • New Elevation Capabilities – Replace elevation data on a track with data from a digital elevation model. Most useful for imported tracks, and tracks with bad elevation data due to poor GPS reception.

For more information and to request the app and GaiaPro subscription, send an email to [email protected].