October 2021 | President's Desk
President's Desk (Q4 2021) By Toddi Steelman
Creating a new and more resilient path will begin by acknowledging the changes in the ecological systems in which the wildland firefighting…
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August 2021 | President's Desk
President’s Desk (Q3 2021) By Toddi Steelman
We closed out the 16th International Wildland Fire Safety Summit | 6th Human Dimensions of Wildland Fire Conference in late May; by…
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May 2021 | President's Desk
Conference goal to define sustainable wildland fire paradigm By Toddi Steelman
We want you to join us in this path-breaking conference as we continue to pursue IAWF’s mission to define a more sustainable…
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March 2021 | President's Desk
Presidents Desk: A New Year and New Opportunities By Toddi Steelman
2020 will live forever in our memories as a year without precedent. The COVID-19 pandemic. A global recession. A generational reckoning over…
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November 2020 | President's Desk
IAWF President's Desk: Leading In Crisis By Toddi Steelman
During this current generational crisis of historical proportions all of us are being called upon in ways unfamiliar to us. We are…
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September 2020 | President's Desk
PRESIDENT’S DESK Wildfires and COVID-19 By Toddi Steelman
In this pandemic era everyone is impacted, including all those who work and live with wildfire. As IAWF President Toddi Steelman reflects…
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