October 2017 | History
25 Years of Wildfire Magazine - A Deja Vu Update from 2002 By Writer, Wildfire Magazine
In this "From the President's Desk" column, re-printed from the September/October 2002 issue of Wildfire Magazine, Bruce Suenram suggests "A fresh approach…
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May 2017 | President's Desk
Prescribed Fire: a tool for our time By Tom Zimmerman
As we face profound ecological change, prescribed fire offers us a versatile and increasingly important tool
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March 2017 | President's Desk
Wildland Fire and the Importance of Continued Learning By Tom Zimmerman
Excellence in wildland fire management is a global goal. Excellence in wildland fire management is a global goal. The influence of continued…
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January 2017 | President's Desk
Looking Forward By Tom Zimmerman
Imagining Future Wildland Fire Scenarios.
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May 2016 | President's Desk
The International Association of Wildland Fire: Continuing A Commitment to Excellence By Tom Zimmerman
For 26 years the International Association of Wildland Fire (IAWF) has made an unwavering commitment to serve the global wildland fire community.
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March 2016 | President's Desk
A More Complicated Wildland Fire Situation – What are We Doing About It? By Tom Zimmerman
If we are to be a learning organization, then how do we actively learn?
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