May 2014 | President's Desk
Wildland Fire Management in the Future: We Need to Drive By Guest Writer
In recent years, wildland fire management has been frequently talked about in terms of what the future holds, courses to the future,…
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July 2013 | President's Desk
Backstory, Part II: It's still about the WUI facts By Guest Writer
We need WUI facts if we're to face the WUI problem.
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May 2013 | President's Desk
Backstory, Part I: It's about the WUI facts By Guest Writer
Undertand the WUI if we're to solve the problem.
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March 2013 | President's Desk
A Global Problem: It's All About Politics By Guest Writer
PRESIDENT'S DESK. The IAWF was formed to promote a better understanding of wildland fire – and built on the belief that an…
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November 2012 | President's Desk
It's time to make wildland fire policies work better By Guest Writer
President's Desk: This past fall, I had the opportunity to provide a letter to U.S. President Barack Obama on issues IAWF felt…
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