March 2021 | President's Desk
Presidents Desk: A New Year and New Opportunities By Toddi Steelman
2020 will live forever in our memories as a year without precedent. The COVID-19 pandemic. A global recession. A generational reckoning over…
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March 2021 | Fired Up
Fired Up: Lifelong Learner and Doer By DylanBruce
"I am proud of the small role I played in adapting all the skills I learned in fire to a much greater…
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March 2021 |
CALIFORNIA 2020: Worst Fire Season Ever, Again. Now What? An effort to dissect the California Fire Quilt By Joaquin Ramirez
“… what makes California’s fire scene distinctive is how its dramatically distinctive biomes have been yoked to a common system and how…
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February 2021 |
The new fire professional – confident, capable and prepared By Lars Filson
This article is the first in what will become a regular contribution from our colleagues in the Association of Fire Ecology.
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November 2020 | Fire Globe
Drought-Driven Wildfire in Kenya Strain Response System By JOSÉ NGUNJIRI AND WAKO ABGUDO
When PPE is available, and this is not often, it is usually structural firefighter gear, which is generally cumbersome, heavy and not…
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November 2020 | Technology
Engineering A Safer Crew Protection System By Andrew Webb and Andy Gooden
Burn-over crew protection systems have been installed into fleets of rural wildland Fire-Fighting Vehicles (FFVs) in parts of Australia, successfully providing protection…
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