August 2023 | Technology
The Digital Forest: Is Sensor Technology the Way Forward?
The Internet of Things (IoT) is a rapidly growing field with applications in a wide range of industries. Early adopters were drawn…
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August 2023 | Research
Drivers of California's Changing Wildfires: State Has Potential To Be A Model For Change
In recent decades, the western United States and Canada experienced striking increases in the size and severity of wildfires, which resulted in…
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August 2023 | Policy
Brazil Develops Prevention Strategy: Government Commits To Prescribed Burns And More Firefighters
In accordance with an order issued by Marina Silva, Brazil’s minister of the environment and climate change, an environmental emergency was declared…
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August 2023 | Prescribed Fire
Indigenous Impacts and Solutions: Fire, Floods, and Climate Change
Cultural burning has long been a tradition in Canada and other parts of the world. But practices – often driven by policy…
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August 2023 | Health and Wellness
The Jenga Blocks of Traumatic Stress
The term traumatic stress was coined by French psychologist Pierre Janet in 1889 after publishing the first scientific account of this disorder,…
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August 2023 | Fired Up
Organizing Chaos: Simulation Expert Merges Technology With Local Knowledge Of Wildfire
Fire is known as the element of chaos – uncontrollable and totally unpredictable – but with the help of fire-simulation technology, researchers…
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