April 2019 | Thoughts on Leadership
THOUGHTS ON LEADERSHIP: Boundary-Crossing and Leadership By Michael Degrosky
Working across boundaries to reduce fire risk will present challenges that may bewilder even normally nimble fire organizations
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April 2019 | Briefing
BRIEFING: Our Fire Globe - and introducing our new Managing Editor, Marjie Brown By Ron Steffens
Marjie Brown teams up with Executive Editor Ron Steffens to expand the Wildfire Magazine editing team.
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April 2019 | President's Desk
PRESIDENT'S DESK: Welcome to our Global Fire Conferences By Writer Wildfire Magazine
The 6th International Fire Behavior and Fuels Conference offers a multi-continent conference to address critical aspects of global fuel and vegetation complexes,…
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April 2019 | Community
FIRE GLOBE: Attica Region, Greece (July 2018) By Writer Wildfire Magazine
A Tale of Two Fires and a SeasideTragedy
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April 2019 | Fire Science
Wildfire Science for Success (Part 1 in a series). By Writer Wildfire Magazine
A healthy fire-science ecosystem is essential – but not a magic bullet – for managing our wildfire and bushfire challenges. In this…
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April 2019 | Wildfire Issues
IAWF Issue Paper: Extreme Fires By Writer Wildfire Magazine
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