May 2021 | Fired Up
On a mission By DylanBruce
Núria Prat-Guitart leads the project and research area within Spain’s Pau Costa Foundation.
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May 2021 | Member Voices
Member Voices By IAWF Executive Director
Feedback on diversity and inclusion training, Appreciation for mentoring program, Follow-up on California 2020 story, Collaboration with Pau Costa Foundation, ISS3 feedback…
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May 2021 | IAWF News
IAWF News By IAWF Executive Director
Executive committee transitions, Bret Butler, IJWF Outstanding Editor, Conference News, and Workforce Resilience Ignite Talks.
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May 2021 |
Pyrosketchology: Drawing on experiences By Laura King
Artist Miriam Morrill defines pyrosketchology as the study of fire through the lens of art, illustration, and journaling practices. 
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May 2021 | President's Desk
Conference goal to define sustainable wildland fire paradigm By Toddi Steelman
We want you to join us in this path-breaking conference as we continue to pursue IAWF’s mission to define a more sustainable…
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May 2021 | Fire News
World News (Q2 2021) By Laura King
Fire news from around the world.
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