September 2019 | Briefing
BRIEFING: Our climate adventure is here By Ron Steffens
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August 2019 | IAWF News
IAWF Awards By Mikel Robinson
Fire management and early career awardees honored in Europe, US and Canada
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August 2019 | President's Desk
Vice-President's Desk: Who Speaks for the Climate? By Writer Wildfire Magazine
The wildfire community can help frame our conversation on climate strategies.
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August 2019 | After Action
AFTER ACTION: Witnessing drought in longleaf pine country By Johnny Stowe
Longleaf pine trees are shedding needles early again this year in parts of Southeastern North America. This and other shifts in phenology…
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August 2019 | Thoughts on Leadership
Courage and Communication: Essentials of Leadership By Michael Degrosky
I was reminded recently of how essential both courage and effective, credible communication are when influencing public opinion on big issues (such…
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August 2019 | Fire Science
Alaska's Fire Environment: Not an Average Place By Writer Wildfire Magazine
The following is a compilation of excerpts from the keynote presentation given by Robert "Zeke" Ziel at the Albuquerque location of the…
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