Tamara Wall

Board Member
Tamara Wall, Research professor (DRI) and Co-lead of the Climate Center Group at DRI (board member since 2024) Dr. Tamara Wall is a research professor at the Desert Research Institute in Reno, the co-lead of the Climate Center Group at DRI, and is the lead PI for the California Nevada Adaptation Program (part of the national NOAA-sponsored Climate Adaptation Partnerships/Regional Integrated Sciences and Assessments network). Dr. Wall has worked extensively with stakeholders in California, Nevada and other regions of the West in co-produced climate science projects for the last 12 years. Her research focuses on qualitative and quantitative social science research in climate information use by stakeholders, understanding the process of climate information dissemination and utilization for climate resiliency and adaptation in natural resource management agencies, and public and agency use of fire weather forecasts and fire behavior/fire danger information. Dr. Wall also has extensive expertise and training in organizational development, facilitation, graphic recording, workshop and meeting design. Recent work has focused on developing expertise in applying change theory to better support mixed research/practitioner teams address the evolving dynamics between research, social processes, and climate change adaptation actions. Bio Blurbs:
  • Research focus: human dimensions of fire weather forecasts and fire information use
  • Skill sets: Qualitative and quantitative social science research, facilitation, collaboration, science for decision support, science translation