Jan Kaczmarowski

2023 Firebreak Award
After graduating in forestry at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Jan Kaczmarowski has had a distinguished career in forest fire protection, and he continues to lead and inspire others.  Jan’s accomplishments have included developing a national system of fire protection procedures and infrastructure, leading climate change adaptation in forestry, and representing Poland on international bodies. Jan shares his knowledge with others through teaching and supervising post-graduate students and is a regular contributor to forestry and fire management publications.  With a strong interest in science and research as well as a national leadership role, Jan is also active in the field.  Jan conducts inspections and investigations, organizes wildfire training, is involved in the management of large fires, and is a strong advocate for prescribed fire. As a program manager, Jan demonstrates excellence across many aspects of fire, from ecology to operations.  Beyond Poland, Jan’s expertise in fire management and training has taken him to Cypress, Lebanon and Moldova in a voluntary capacity.  Jan is a link between foresters and firefighters, scientists and practitioners, Poland and abroad.