Cathelijne Stoof

Board Member
Dr. Cathelijne Stoof (board member since 2019), Assistant Professor, Soil Geography and Landscape Group, Coordinator Wageningen Fire Centre, Wageningen University, the Netherlands Dr. Cathelijne Stoof studies the effect of human-caused and natural disturbances on soil and water resources. She teaches about landscape and soil formation and related impacts on land use potential. In her fire research, Cathelijne combines study of fire impacts with assessment of fire risk, with an increasing focus on temperate regions like Northwest Europe. Currently an assistant professor at Wageningen University in the Netherlands, she was previously at the Soil and Water Lab of Cornell University (USA) and worked in The Netherlands, Portugal and Australia for her PhD on fire effects on soil and hydrology. Her current research focuses on the role of plants in controlling fire impact on soil and water by affecting soil heating and ash. Cathelijne frequently communicates fire science to the general public and recently founded the Wageningen Fire Centre to promote integrated fire science collaboration between researchers and stakeholders on wildland fire challenges in The Netherlands and elsewhere.