October 2021 | Fired Up
Fired Up By IAWF Executive Director
Michel Thériault co-ordinates the review and renewal of Parks Canada’s prescribed fire program to regenerate pine forests.
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October 2021 | Research
Thirty years of IJWF By Susan G. Conard, Stefan Doerr, Jenny Foster
The International Journal of Wildland Fire (IJWF), the official journal of the International Association of Wildland Fire, was started in 1991 to…
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October 2021 | Thoughts on Leadership
A Test of Character By Michael Degrosky
Trustworthy leaders, in addition to being honest and ethical, possess a combination of wisdom, judgement, and competence.
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October 2021 | Fire Management
Planned Burns, Plus Fuel Management, may be Rx for Western Cape By Jennifer Fill and Brian Van Wilgen
A much greater concern, however, is the alien pine trees that burn more intensely and result in greater fire severity than does…
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October 2021 | Climate
Take Back the Land By Maria Santos
The Pau Costa Foundation this year celebrates its 10th anniversary as a platform for exchanging knowledge about wildfires. More than 60 top-level…
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October 2021 | President's Desk
President's Desk (Q4 2021) By Toddi Steelman
Creating a new and more resilient path will begin by acknowledging the changes in the ecological systems in which the wildland firefighting…
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