November 2018 | Wildfire Innovations
XFire Innovation Challenge: Seeking Innovations to Suppress Inland and Peatland Forest Fire in Southeast Asia By Writer Wildfire Magazine
To face these “wicked-problem” fires – a challenge (and support) to discover, test and apply the solutions.
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November 2018 | Safety and Health
Health Effects of Wildfire Smoke: Tools you can use By Writer Wildfire Magazine
Health: A Smoke Primer
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November 2018 | Fire in the Media
“Wildland" - A Film About Young Men and Fire By Writer Wildfire Magazine
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November 2018 | President's Desk
Wicked problem – complex solution By Alen Slijepcevic
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November 2018 | Fired Up
2017 Early Career Award in Fire Operations Recipient and Fired Up Honoree – Dr. Sara Brown By Mikel Robinson
Leadership and commitment – “Making the best of what you have!”
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November 2018 | Columns
Culture and Leadership By Mike Degrosky
Culture has enormous implications for leadership
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