June 2019 | IAWF News
MOMENTS: 2019 Fire Behavior and Fuels Conferences Across The Globe By Marjie Brown
The 2019 Fire Behavior and Fuels Conference, held from April 29-May 3, was a triple success with global gatherings on three continents…
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April 2019 | IAWF News
IAWF News By Mikel Robinson
Scholarships, Diversity and Inclusion, Principles of Conduct
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November 2018 | Fired Up
2017 Early Career Award in Fire Operations Recipient and Fired Up Honoree – Dr. Sara Brown By Mikel Robinson
Leadership and commitment – “Making the best of what you have!”
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November 2018 | Fire Science
IAWF awards Early Career and Ember honors By Mikel Robinson
IAWF recognizes two fire scientists -- Dr. Nicholas Skowronski and Dr. Marty Alexander -- for the promise and significance of their work
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