September 2012 | Features
When Firestorms meet Politics
... we talk of wildfires and firestorms, evacuations, lives and homes lost, drought and climate change -- the winds align with slope…
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September 2012 | Tools and Tactics
SPAIN: Facing increasing fuels with quick water deployment
As wildland fuel builds up in Europe, firefighters have adopted quick water deployment tactics to increase Initial Attack speed and success.
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July 2012 | Fire and Weather
Advice on Lightning Safety and Firefighting
Exposure to lightning during firefighting is very common, and there really is no place in the outdoors that is safe when a…
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March 2012 |
AVIATION: Air Tankers -- Where Do We Go From Here?
On February 10, 2012 the United States Forest Service released their Large Air Tanker Modernization Strategy. On the same day five U.S.…
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February 2012 |
GALLERY: Wallow Fire, Arizona, USA, 2011
"The Wallow Fire was divided into at least three zones and was managed by several Type I incident management teams over it's…
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January 2012 | Aviation
Big plane, little plane, or no plane at all? The battle of aerial firefighting resources
While there has been a lot of discussion and a brief shutdown of certain large air tanker equipment during this past year’s…
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