July 2013 | President's Desk
Backstory, Part II: It's still about the WUI facts
We need WUI facts if we're to face the WUI problem.
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May 2013 | President's Desk
Backstory, Part I: It's about the WUI facts
Undertand the WUI if we're to solve the problem.
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May 2013 | Briefing
After Action Review
As we gathered the articles for this issue, a theme began to appear. Rather than doom and wagon-circling at current budget woes,…
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May 2013 | Thoughts on Leadership
Resilience in the time of stupid
THOUGHTS ON LEADERSHIP: Frankly, it is pretty easy to lead when everything is going well; it is during times like these that…
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May 2013 | Features
Framing our fire story to promote sustainable policies and practices
For the 2012 fire season, a USFS fire ban directive raised concerns that a return to a “suppression”-only response to fire would…
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May 2013 | Aviation
Stalled air tankers
For this fire season and beyond, we need to resolve to change our air tanker policies.
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