January 2015 | Safety and Health
Novices, Experts and Errors: Toward a Safer Fire Ground
This article is the second in a series by Ivan Pupulidy that explores the changing procedures and safety culture in the wildland…
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January 2015 | Fire Science
Article Highlights from IJWF
From burn severity to needle flammability, from fire weather to human dimensions -- the International Journal of Wildland Fire explores a wide…
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January 2015 | Aviation
Drones on the Fire Ground - Australia Update
Limiting the hazard of amateur drone flights while testing the potential for professional fire-ground application. An update on drone use in Australia.
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January 2015 | Thoughts on Leadership
Present and Engaged
if you want to lead, you need to show up. Once you show up, you need to engage.
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January 2015 | Human Dimensions
Social “Watch Out” Situations for Incident Management Teams
Identifying common social watch outs will help team leaders recognize and respond to the increasing social risks we face in complex incidents…
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January 2015 | Community
Learning Together, Burning Together
In northwest California, the Klamath River Prescribed Fire Training Exchange offers a model for increasing the scope and scale of prescribed burning,…
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