Tom Zimmerman

Past President (2014-2017)
Tom Zimmerman, Past President (2014-2017) Retired Program Manager, Wildland Fire Management Research, Development, and Application Program, Rocky Mountain Research Station, U.S. Forest Service Tom has worked at multiple federal land management agencies, including the Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service, and US Forest Service. His permanent assignments include positions as Forester, Fire Control Officer, Fire Management Officer, State Fire Management Planning Specialist, Regional Fire Management Officer, Fire Technology Specialist, Fire Science and Ecological Applications Program Leader, Regional Director of Fire and Aviation Management, and Wildland Fire Management RD&A Program Manager. Tom has conducted training in the United States, China, Canada, and India, and presented papers, either in person or virtually, at conferences in the United States, Canada, Italy, South Africa, and Cyprus. Wildland fire and emergency response constituted a major focus area and Tom has over 30 years of involvement in incident management team operations including service as an Incident Commander and Area Commander on wildland fire incidents and all hazard emergency responses across the country.