Oscar Jared Diaz Carrillo

2024 Early Career Award in Fire Operations
Oscar Jared Diaz Carrillo, Head of the Experimental Forestry Areas of Universidad Autonoma Chapingo - Mexico Oscar Jared Diaz Carrillo has dedicated his career to the promotion of academic excellence and the practical application of knowledge acquired at the Autonomous University of Chapingo. His trajectory in fire management began with a firm commitment to conservation and has been an active advocate for the protection of forest cover, contributing significantly to the conservation of approximately 470 hectares of forest and leading reforestation efforts that have resulted in the establishment of over 36,000 trees. He has specialized in Fire Management Science (FMS) at various national and international institutions, including a professional internship at the National Fire Management of the National Forestry Commission, where he innovatively used specialized software for the study of fire behavior. As a firefighter and leader in his community, Oscar has been part of both local and university fire departments, has implemented advanced fire behavior analysis techniques and participated in prescribed burns for forest fire prevention. He has collaborated with various local, national and international organizations, where he ssharedhis knowledge and experience with other professionals passionate about the conservation of our natural resources. His work at the Autonomous University of Chapingo has allowed him not only to lead direct actions in the management of more than 400 hectares of forest, but also to inspire other young students to get involved in the fight against forest fires and promote awareness about the importance of fire and its proper use. In addition, his work has been recognized nationally, receiving first place as "Combatant" in the "Fire Management Forum 2022" organized by Reforestemos Mexico A.C., as well as several distinctions for his efforts in forest fire suppression. Currently, he is also involved in scientific research on fire management in the Izta-Popo Zoquiapan Natural Protected Area, using cutting-edge technology to develop comprehensive programs that contribute to environmental conservation in the State of Mexico and beyond.