Natasha Broznitsky

2024 Early Career Award in Fire Operations
Natasha Broznitsky, acting Senior Research Officer for the BC Wildfire Service Natasha Broznitsky has demonstrated outstanding ability and leadership in various aspects of wildfire operations. Natasha's leadership in research integration has been instrumental in fostering collaboration between researchers and operational personnel within the BC Wildfire Service. She has facilitated the integration and investigation of research findings by providing valuable information, acting as a point of contact, acting as a field guide, and facilitating introductions to other functional areas. Natasha's efforts have not only enabled researchers to gain on-the-ground access, a challenging feat in itself, but have also facilitated the transfer of knowledge into fire management agencies, ensuring the uptake of research results—a critical aspect in enhancing wildfire management practices. Furthermore, Natasha's contributions extend beyond her immediate role, as she has been an active member of CIFFC's national Research and Innovation Integration Committee. Her insights and expertise have contributed significantly to advancing wildfire research and innovation on a national level as she also provides valuable input to Canada Wildfire and FPInnovations Wildfire. Natasha brings a wealth of practical expertise including on-the-ground firefighting in Initial Attack and fulfilling the critical Information Officer role as well as numerous other functions during response operations. Her involvement in health research projects covering various aspects of wildland fire personnel health underscores her commitment to enhancing firefighter safety and well-being—a mission critical for the sustainability of firefighting efforts into the future.