Joaquin Ramirez Cisneros

Board Member
Joaquin Ramirez Cisneros (board members since 2020, president 2022-2023) Technosylva (San Diego, CA) & University of Leon (Spain) Dr. Joaquin Ramirez is a Wildland Fire Technologist that has been working in the last 25 years on bridging the gap between scientists and end-users. From 2013 he moved from Spain to San Diego (CA), from where he works with agencies worldwide trying to convert into actionable tools the best science. He is the creator of several of the most advanced fire behavior software model implementations and decision support systems, including the Wildfire Analyst and fiResponse software tools. From 2011, Dr. Ramirez coordinates the first European M.S. in Forest Fires ( with Prof. Rodriguez y Silva (UCO) and Prof. Molina (UdL). He is also a founder and active member of the Pau Costa Foundation. Joaquin earned his Ph.D. in Remote Sensing and GIS at the University of Leon in 2003, an M.S. in Forestry from the University of Lleida, and his B.S. in Forest Engineering from the Polytechnical University of Madrid, Spain.