March 2021 | Fire Science
Evaluating the 10% Wind Speed Rule of Thumb for Estimating a Wildfire's Forward Spread Rate By Miguel Cruz
In the October-December 2019 issue of WILDFIRE, we described a recently developed rule of thumb for estimating a wildfire’s forward spread rate…
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March 2021 |
Book Review: SHO-RAP HIGHWAY By Richard McCrea
Native American wildland firefighters have a rich history of battling forest fires in the United States.
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March 2021 | Mentoring
A Story about a Bird and Fire By Diana Kuchinke
This article is the product of the IAWF mentoring program in 2020; Diana was mentored by Stephen Pyne.
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March 2021 | Prescribed Fire
Lighting Fire to Fight Fire By Johnny Stowe
In an effort to increase the use of prescribed fire as a land management tool to lessen the impacts of smoke from…
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March 2021 | Fire Globe
SHAUN WALTON: 30 Years of Fighting Wildfires in the UK Fire & Rescue By Shaun Walton
In the UK today, we have more frequent, severe and widespread wildfires, and a longer wildfire season, and we need to prepare…
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March 2021 | President's Desk
Presidents Desk: A New Year and New Opportunities By Toddi Steelman
2020 will live forever in our memories as a year without precedent. The COVID-19 pandemic. A global recession. A generational reckoning over…
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