November 2020 | Thoughts on Leadership
Thoughts on Leadership: Senior Leaders By Mike Degrosky
Senior leaders, those assigned to lead other leaders and managers while overseeing organizational functions, regions, units or the entire organization, exercise enormous…
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September 2020 | Thoughts on Leadership
The Passing of an Iconic Leader By Mike Degrosky
Courage, perseverance and the need for ‘good trouble’ – the lessons of John Lewis
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June 2020 | Thoughts on Leadership
Leading a Multi-generational Workforce By Mike Degrosky
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January 2020 | Thoughts on Leadership
Thoughts on Leadership: Don't Stop... By Michael Degrosky
Protégés will and should outgrow their mentor -- but when you do, don’t stop admiring them, respecting them, loving them.
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November 2019 | Thoughts on Leadership
An “Oh My Word!” World Leadership Moment By Mike Degrosky
An inspiring young leader with the passion, courage and social media savvy to lead a movement in the 21st century
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August 2019 | Thoughts on Leadership
Courage and Communication: Essentials of Leadership By Michael Degrosky
I was reminded recently of how essential both courage and effective, credible communication are when influencing public opinion on big issues (such…
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