January 2015 | Briefing
Briefing By Ron Steffens
Renewal and reinvention: notes from Portugal
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May 2014 | Briefing
About this Issue: Large Fires By Wildfire Editor
It is a Saturday in late April and we’re thinking of wildfires. Nearly half of the contiguous United States is in drought…
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July 2013 | Briefing
How did we get here? By Wildfire Editor
This Issue: preparing for the surprises
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May 2013 | Briefing
After Action Review By Wildfire Editor
As we gathered the articles for this issue, a theme began to appear. Rather than doom and wagon-circling at current budget woes,…
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March 2013 | Briefing
Contest photos capture heat of 2012 fire season By Wildfire Editor
For the past few months, the photographs have been flowing in and the judges have been judging. Now, we’re pleased to announce…
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