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FireNet Email List Serve


To begin a FireNet subscription send an email and your name will be added to the listserv.  Email addresses on the listserv are not shared with other groups or email services.


FireNet is a moderated email-based discussion and information distribution system, or listserv, specifically serving the wildland fire global community. This is a free service for subscribers who will receive monthly email reminders concerning their user name and password and how to modify their subscription if necessary including unsubscribing if desired. Subscribers email boxes that are either full or otherwise no longer receiving messages eventually are deleted from the distribution list after a prescribed number of bounces. You can always re-subscribe if you have been unable to attend to your email housecleaning remember FireNet is a free service.

Posted messages go out to the entire global network. We do not allow blatant advertisements for commercial products or messages with degrading language or images. All posts are viewed and approved by a moderator before release to help eliminate unwanted intrusion to FireNet subscribers. We post all other reasonable messages relating to wildland fire, including requests for information, ideas, opinions and announcements. All posts are maintained in a historical archive.

Participation is free!


To unsubscribe from FireNet you simply send an “unsubscribe” email to You may “unsubscribe” or change an email address at any time.

FirefighterHistory of FireNet

You may recognize the name FireNet as one of the oldest and most established wildland fire networks in the world. Originally managed by Dr. Chris Trevitt at the Australian National University (ANU), FireNet had enjoyed a significant following of wildland fire professionals going back to 1996.

In April of 2002 the International Association of Wildland Fire (IAWF) began a wildland fire listserv called the IAWF Network. In June of that year after discussions with Dr. Trevitt it was agreed to transfer management of FireNet to the IAWF. Because of other job responsibilities Dr. Trevitt had determined he did not have the time to devote to the proper running of a listserv serving the wildland fire community, and ANU was also having difficulty dedicating the resources necessary for maintaining the listserv.

It was felt by the IAWF that the adoption of FireNet by the IAWF would help fulfill part of our Mission Statement in which the IAWF facilitates communication and provides leadership for the wildland fire community.