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12th International Wildland Fire Safety Summit

"A New Approach to Wildland Fire Safety"

Presented by the International Association of Wildland Fire

October 25 - 26, 2012

Citigate Central in the Haymarket

Sydney, Australia

Presentation Guidelines

Schedule & Format:
Please refer to the program schedule for your session date and time. Unless otherwise noted in the program most presentations are 20 minutes long, please ensure that you don't run over your allotted time by practicing your talk prior to the conference.

Meeting Room Standard Equipment:

  • One LCD Projector
  • One laptop computer
  • One lavaliere microphone
  • One presentation remote with laser pointer
  • One screen of appropriate size
  • Internet connection

Presenters will be required to use the IAWF-supplied laptop computer. The IAWF computer will have the following software installed: Microsoft Power Point 2010, Adobe Acrobat 10.x or higher, QuickTime 7.x or higher, Macromedia Flash Player 11.x or higher, and Internet Explorer 8.x or higher. Please bring your presentation on one of the following media:

  • USB flash drive
  • CD-R

Note: If your graphics or video clips are not imbedded into your presentation, please bring them as well. If your presentation was created on a MAC and converted to run on a PC, please test it before you come to the meeting. Make sure that the hyperlinks still function. Avoid using a rewritable CD (CD-WR). We've encountered compatibility problems with them.

Presentation Submission and Speaker Ready Room:
All speakers are required to check in at the speaker table at least 4 hours prior to their session, or as early as possible. This will ensure their presentation can be opened and loaded onto the conference computer system. All final adjustments can be made at this time. Check in at the conference registration table to receive additional information about the speaker ready room.

Poster Presentation Guidelines:

The formal poster session will be Thursday Evening, October 25 from 5:45 – 6:30 pm. Authors are expected to be present to discuss their poster during that period.   Light hors d’ oeuvres and refreshments will be available during the reception.

We will provide 1 poster panel board measuring 1.1m tall and 1.8m wide (43 inches tall and 70 inches wide). We recommend that you leave at least a .05m (2-inch) margin on all sides of your poster.
We will provide you with pushpins or Velcro to attach your posters to the panel.

Send any questions regarding audio/visual or computer support to Mikel Robinson at execdir@iawfonline.org


Conference Registration:
All presenters are required to register for the conference. On-line registration is now open. Note that all accepted presenters are required to register by September 25, 2012, or they will be dropped from the program

Hotel and Travel:
We have partnered with MOVES Travel to assist you with your travel arrangements.

To make hotel and/or travel arrangements please contact MOVES Travel Group. They can assist with all of your travel requirements relating to the International Wildland Fire Safety Summit, from Australia or abroad, with access to the leading rates for International and Domestic airfares, car hire, hotels from budget to 5 star accommodation, as well as visa's and travel insurance.

Please don't hesitate to call on them for anything. Contact Chloe, Karla or Shane on phone +61 2 9217 8999 (9am-5pm AEST) or firefighters@movestravel.com.

Click here for more information about the hotel rates available.


Conference Proceedings

Conference Proceedings Guidelines

Conference Proceedings Template

For publication in the Conference Proceedings for the International Association of Wildland Fire (IAWF) 12th International Wildland Fire Safety Summit all presenters, both oral and poster, are encouraged to submit one of the following:

  1. Abstract - Authors will have the opportunity to edit the abstract that was submitted for the program.
  2. Extended Abstract - The extended abstract is a longer version of your original abstract and is generally about 2 pages in length. For the extended abstract you should include references (see below).
  3. Full Paper - For full papers the author must clear all third party intellectual property rights and obtain formal permission from their respective institutions, where necessary. Authors must also warrant that their work:
    • Has not been published before
    • Is not presently being considered for publication elsewhere
    • Does not violate any intellectual property right of any person or entity
    • Does not contain any subject matter that contravenes any laws (including defamatory material and misleading and deceptive material) and
    • Meets ethical research standards.

The technical editor will review, edit and send back to the author for approval.

Deadline for submissions is November 23, 2012.

If a circumstance arises that will prevent you from attending the conference, please let us know as soon as possible by e-mailing the IAWF Business Office, execdir@iawfonline.org

We look forward to seeing you in Sydney!