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Mikel Robinson
Executive Director

International Association of Wildland Fire
1418 Washburn Street
Missoula, Montana 59801 USA

(01) (406) 531-8264
Toll Free from US & Canada:
(888) 440-IAWF (4293)





Oral Presentation Guidelines

Schedule & Format:
Please refer to the program schedule to determine the length of your presentation, there are many different formats and lengths. Please ensure you don’t run over your allotted time by practicing your talk prior to the conference. Please allow 5 minutes at the end for questions.

Meeting Room Standard Equipment:

  • One LCD Projector
  • One laptop computer
  • One lavaliere microphone
  • One presentation remote with laser pointer
  • One screen of appropriate size
  • Internet access

Presenters will be required to use the IAWF-supplied laptop computer. The IAWF computer will have Windows 10 and the following software installed: Microsoft Power Point 2016, QuickTime 7.x or higher, Macromedia Flash Player 15, and Windows Edge as the browser.  Presentations should be prepared in Widescreen format, if possible.

Presentations Loading
All speakers are required to turn in their presentations the day prior to their scheduled presentation.  For instance, if you are presenting on Tuesday you must turn in your presentation on Monday. If you are presenting on Wednesday, your presentation must be turned in by the end of the day on Tuesday and so forth.

Please upload your presentation via the online submission form:


Poster Presentation Guidelines

Schedule & Format:

The poster session is scheduled for Wednesday, April 26th from 5:00 – 6:30 pm. Presenters are expected to be present at their poster to discuss their poster during that period.  

Set up and removal times:
You may set up your poster starting at 9:00 am on Tuesday, April 25th. Posters should be placed no later than 5:00 pm on April 26th.  Your poster may be left up for the entire workshop even though you will only be required to present your poster during the designated session.  Please remove your poster by 5:00 pm on Thursday.

Poster Specifications:
We will provide 1 poster panel board measuring 8 feet wide and 4 feet tall. We recommend you leave at least a 2-inch margin on all sides of your poster.

You may have a large poster or several 8.5 x 11 sheets – it just needs to fit within the 8 x4 foot panel.
We will provide you with pushpins or Velcro to attach your posters to the panel.

Please include a photo of the individual who will be presenting the poster. This will allow symposium participants to locate you if they have questions about your poster.

If you need any additional space or equipment for your poster, please let us know as soon as possible. (Mikel Robinson, E: execdir@iawfonline.org, P: 1-406-531-8264)

Send any questions regarding audio/visual or computer support to Mikel Robinson at execdir@iawfonline.org.



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In Partnership with Wildland Fire Leadership Council (WFLC) and the Western, Southeastern and Northeastern Regional Strategic Committees




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