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Mikel Robinson
Executive Director

International Association of Wildland Fire
1418 Washburn Street
Missoula, Montana 59801 USA

(01) (406) 531-8264
Toll Free from US & Canada:
(888) 440-IAWF (4293)


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IAWF Agency Members

Alberta Environment & Sustainable Resource Development, Canada

Department of Enviornment and Primary Industries, Australia

Country Fire Authority, Victoria, Australia

Gov't of the Northwest Territorities, Canada

ACT Emergency Services, Australia

ACT Parks and Conservation Service, Australia

Wildfire Management Branch, Ministry of Environment, Government of Saskatchewan



IAWF Corporate Members

NSW Rural Fire Service Association, Australia

City of Seattle, USA

KIMTEK Corportation, USA

USFS Reg 9 Fire Aviation, USA


Agency Membership Information

This membership entitles the agency to receive 2 hard copies of the world renowned International Journal of Wildland Fire published by CSIRO; 5 hard copies of Wildfire magazine, the official magazine of the IAWF; and on line access to the IJWF for all your employees.  Agency members do not have voting rights and are not eligible to hold board positions.

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