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Making a Difference; Building Capacity, Improving Preparedness, and Learning From Experience

Call for Workshop Session or Presentation Proposals

The International Association of Wildland Fire in partnership with the Wildland Fire Leadership Council (WFLC) and the Western, Southeast and Northeast Regions of the Cohesive Strategy, invites you to submit a proposal for a workshop session or presentation at the 2nd Annual National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy Workshop to be held March 26-29, 2018 in Reno, Nevada.


Submit your Proposal by November 20, 2017 Extended to December 4th

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Submit Session/Presentation Proposal

We Need Your Ideas:
Help us design a workshop that brings Cohesive Strategy practitioners and decision makers together to learn from one another. Propose a workshop session or presentation that helps participants explore key issues like:

How could you do more prescribed burning? How have others scaled up their use of prescribed fire? What barriers have people encountered?

Fire adapted communities!  What is working for you? What did you wish worked better?

How can we make progress at the local, regional and national scales on issues like air quality, prescribed burning, big box burns, smoke management, funding opportunities?

Managing fires for resource benefits—who has done it, what went right, what could be done differently? How do you get your local partners on board?

Lessons from fire season 2017. What are your options when you are at PL5 and suppression is not an option?  

National priorities, regional priorities—where do you fit?

Workshop Intent and Background:
Our goal is to build capacity, improve preparedness and learn from each other about how to make the Cohesive Strategy work.  We want this workshop to give practitioners and decision makers tools and ideas that support what’s working and help identify opportunities for improvement. To that end, we’re designing this event as an interactive workshop. We welcome session or presentation proposals that will lead to active learning and participation. Proposals for sessions that help create new knowledge, support skill building and draw out people’s experiences are preferred.

-We are seeking workshop sessions or presentations that feature:

-Case studies of effective or ineffective management treatments;

-Roundtable discussions about what is getting in your way of doing more;

-A sharing circle on Cohesive Strategy planning and implementation status;

-Stories about failures and what was learned from them;

-Tactical truth telling in the form of examples of the unintended consequences of actions taken and lessons learned;

-Policy insights on the evolution of the Cohesive Strategy and what is needed next;

-The latest relevant research findings presented in an interactive format.

Your proposal:
Please review this entire document before preparing your session or presentation proposal. Since we are hosting a workshop, we’re very interested in the purpose, content, and format of your proposed session. Below you’ll find sample purposes, a range of possible topics, and examples of some of the session types you might propose. Please use these as a jumping off place as you consider your proposal. Creative, engaging sessions that help participants learn from and connect with each other is the ultimate goal.

The Purpose:
When you submit your proposal, be prepared to let us know what you are you hoping to create out of your session. Some examples are listed below to help you imagine what you could do.

-Gather experiences to help others for future work,

-Explore a specific issue and how it informs the Cohesive Strategy,

-Transfer information and practices among participants.

-Make connections among participants and build relationships,

-Create new knowledge,

-Give practitioners a platform to share their experiences,

-Create opportunities for future work with others/collaborative opportunities.


Submit your Proposal by November 20, 2017 Extended to December 4th

Download PDF

Submit Session/Presentation Proposal