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Can't make it to Maryland? No worries...you can still get the full conference experience without the travel.

The International Smoke Symposium is being conducted as a Hybrid Event. A hybrid combines in-person and streaming presentations, offers asynchronistic discussions, and includes a rich variety of other features designed to suit the needs of both audiences. It's an all-inclusive venue that broadens your attendance and increases your revenue.will provide an array of offerings from the comfort and convenience of your home or office.

All plenary and concurrent sessions will be professional videotaped and will be streamed live. This will allow the remote attendees to interact in real time with the presenters and other remote attendees. We will also be offering a virtual poster session and trade show. The workshops and presentations will then be archived and will be available for up to one year after the symposium.

Virtual Conference Pricing

  • Virtual Conference: $95
  • Virtual Conference with proceedings: $120 ( IAWF members will receive conference proceedings at no charge)
  • Group rates are available for the Virtual Conference. Email or call (406) 531-8264 for more information.

Register for the Virtual Conference today.

HOW TO LOG INTO THE VIRTUAL CONFERENCE (for both live and remote attendees)

All registered on-site and remote attendees will have access to the International Smoke Symposium Virtual Conference. The Virtual Conference will be accessible on all mobile devices to participants (this will take the place of a mobile app). For all attendees we encourage you to utilitze the Virtual Conference to view the program, conference blogs, presenter bios, virtual posters and trade show, and more!

The Virtual Conference Site will open at 8:00 am Eastern Time on Monday, October 21st.

To log into the Virtual Conference site you will go through the IAWF member log-in page.

Before the Virtual Conference it is essential that you log into your IAWF account to make sure you know your username and password. Click here to log in. Or you can go to the IAWF home page and click on member log- in is the side bar menu. www.iawfonline.org. Your username is your e-mail address. If you have forgotten your password, click on Forgot your Password and it will be e-mailed to you.

It is also essential that you ready your computer. Please see the computer requirements.

Once you log in you will see a tab in the grey bar at the top of the page that says Int'l Smoke Symposium Virtual Conference. Click on this tab to link to the Virtual Conference Site.

The live streaming sessions will begin on Tuesday Morning. The Monday Workshops will not be live streaming but will be video recorded and available on the site later in the week.

To download a print-friendly copy of the conference schedule and abstract to help plan your viewing, click here.

On Monday please login to the conference site to become familiar with the virtual conference site and to  make sure you have all the information necessary to ensure a good experience.  This will also give us time to assist you should you have any difficulty  logging in. Once in the site, you will land on the Welcome page, where you will  find a video site tour that includes instructions for joining live  presentations, downloading resources, locating the conference blog, as well as  other important information.

Attending the Virtual  Conference   Beginning October 21, the Join a Session  page on the left hand menu will be active.  A list of sessions by day and  time will be listed, with the most current session(s) at the top.  Click  the title of the session you would like to join to load the streaming interface  and view the program.

Please note that throughout the  conference, there will be Live Webcasts occurring simultaneously. You may  choose which webcast session you would like to watch live and then will be  given on-demand access to the archive of each program you were unable to view.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions. (406) 531-8264 or execdir@iawfonline.org



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