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4th Fire Behavior and Fuels Conference

At the Crossroads: Looking Toward the Future in a Changing Environment

Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
February 18 -22, 2013

St. Petersburg, Russia
July 1 - 4, 2013


The pre-conference workshops will take place on Monday, July 1, 2013 at the Conference Hotel.

4 hour workshop- $45


9:00 – 1:00 pm
Modeling Tools for Landscape Fuel Management Planning and Wildfire Risk Assessment: Introduction to ArcFuels10 and FlamMap5
Instructors: Dr. Alan Ager, Dr. Mark Finney
This workshop will demonstrate the application of geospatial software (ArcMap-ArcFuels), wildfire modeling tools (FlamMap, FSIM), and vegetation management models (FVS) to conduct wildfire risk assessments and develop landscape fuel management plans.  The workshops will draw on the existing user guide and tutorials (www.arcfuels.org) supplemented with newer material on risk assessment case studies. The workshop will begin by discussing basic concepts in risk science as applied to wildland fires, and provide an overview of wildfire simulation methods that can be used to conduct risk assessments. Concepts of expected loss, local versus transmitted risk, risk versus hazard, will be presented in the context of actual case studies. The workshop will then describe the functionality of the ArcFuels system and FlamMap5 for landscape planning and risk assessment.  New features in the recently released FlamMap5 will be demonstrated as they relate to wildfire risk analysis.  The topic will then transition to data requirements and formats, and the instructors will discuss how data from regions outside the US can be leveraged for the modeling system. A number of case studies will then be described, including one where EU Corrine land cover data were used for a large scale risk assessment.  The final segment of the workshop will be a demonstration of the software and models. Participants that are able to bring laptops with ArcMap10 can follow along the demonstration using the data set posted at www.arcfuels.org.   Participants will be informed in advance about this latter option in terms of required software and data.

9:00 -1:00 pm
Wildfire Chemistry. The Kinetics and the Mechanism of Fuels Pyrolysis, their Ignition and Combustion
Instructor:  Professor Oleg Korobeinichev
Both experimental results and the computer simulation data on the kinetics and pyrolysis of  fuels will be presented at the workshop, as well as on the mechanism of their ignition and combustion. Serious attention will be given to the study of the chemistry of  fuels pyrolysis and their combustion, including measuring the products composition during pyrolysis, ignition and combustion of fuels. Discussed will be determination of detailed, skeletal and global chemical  mechanisms of combustion of fuels pyrolysis products , required for simulating emergence and propagation of forest fires and their suppression with water and with chemically active agents.


2:00-6:00 pm
Preparing papers for publication in English-language peer reviewed journals--Presented by the International Journal of Wildland Fire  (no charge for this workshop)
Instructor: Dr. Susan G. Conard and Dr. Jenny Bennett

The workshop is intended to provide information about the International Journal of Wildland Fire to those who either might be interested in submitting papers in the future, or have submitted or published papers in IJWF in the past. We will discuss manuscript submission, data on past submissions (including turnaround time, manuscript handling, early online publishing, impact factor, etc.), and recent changes in Journal procedures. We also welcome feedback from the fire science community on the Journal practices, content or other issues. A primary focus of the workshop will be to provide information and advice on how to prepare a scientific paper in English for Russian and other non-native English speakers.  We will focus on approaches that will increase likelihood of eventual acceptance for publication, on what to expect during the review and publication process, and how to respond to review comments. The workshop will include both formal presentations and opportunities for discussion. Dr. Conard is Editor in Chief of IJWF (along with Dr. Stefan Doerr), and Dr. Jenny Bennett of CSIRO Publishing is the Journal's Publisher.










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