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Mikel Robinson
Executive Director

International Association of Wildland Fire
1418 Washburn Street
Missoula, Montana 59801 USA

(01) (406) 531-8264
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4th Fire Behavior and Fuels Conference

At the Crossroads: Looking Toward the Future in a Changing Environment

Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
February 18 -22, 2013

St. Petersburg, Russia
July 1 - 4, 2013


All Editions Committee
Chuck Bushey (IAWF)
Alexander Filkov (TSU)
Mikel Robinson (IAWF)
Gene Rogers (IAWF)
Albert Simeoni (WPI)

Raleigh, North Carolina

St. Petersburg, Russia/ Europe

Steering Committee

Conference Chair - Gene Rogers (IAWF)
Deputy Conference Chair - Kris Johnson (IAWF Vice President)
U. S. Liaison - Chuck Bushey ( IAWF Past President)
Southeast Sub-Committee Chair - Gary Curcio (IPAFES / USFS AirFire)
Exhibitors/ Field Trip/Workshops - Michelle Ekstrom (IAWF Exhibit Coordinator)
Information Officer - Paula Nelson (IAWF Public Affairs Officer)
Logistics/Finance/Admin - Mikel Robinson ( IAWF Executive Director)
Science and Program Chair - Thomas Zimmerman (IAWF Board Member)

Program and Science Committee

Chair: Thomas Zimmerman, IAWF Board of Directors
Dr. Sara Brown, New Mexico Highlands University
Michelle Ekstrom, IAWF
Jim Hutton, National Park Service
Laurie Kurth, Forest Service, Wildland Fire Management RD&A
Alan Long, Southern Fire Exchange
Tami Parkinson, Forest Service, Chair of the NWCG Fire Behavior Committee
Diane Rau, Wildland Fire Management Research, Development, and Applications
Elizabeth Reinhardt, Forest Service, WO, R&D

Southeast Sub-committee

Chair - Gary Curcio, IPAFES / USFS AirFire
Margit Bucher,The Nature Conservancy
Vince Carver and Ed Christopher, USFWS, DOI
Riva Duncan, US Forest Service
Judd Edeburn, Duke University, Nicholas School of the Environment
David Frederick, Southern Group of State Foresters
Paul Gellerstedt, N. Carolina Forest Service
Kevin Hires, Dept. of Defense, Eglin AFB
Alan Long, Southern Fire Exchange
Jim Prevette, N. Carolina Forest Service
Joe Roise, N. Carolina State University
Dale Wade, USFS retired










Steering Committee

Conference Chair – Prof. Anatoly Grishin (TSU)
Conference Co-Chair – Prof. Albert Simeoni (WPI)
Prof. Jose Torero (The University of Queensland, Australia)
Major-General, Prof. Nikolay Kopylov (VNIIPO)
Dr. Alexander Filkov (TSU)
Prof. Dominique Morvan (Aix-Marseille University)

Scientific Committee

Paper Selection Chair – Prof. Domingos Viegas
Poster Selection Chair – Prof. Georgy Dorrer
Dr. Yevgheny Arkhipov
Colonel-General, Prof. Vladimir Artamonov
Prof. Vladimir Belov
Dr. Bret Butler
Dr. Dominique Cancellieri
Dr. Miguel Cruz
Dr. Sergey Dorofeev
Dr. Pierpaolo Duce
Prof. Bogdan Dlugogorski
Dr. Jean-Luc Dupuy
Dr. Dmitry Ershov
Dr. Paulo Fernandes
Prof. Carlos Fernandes-Pello
Dr. Paolo Fiorucci
Dr. Johan Goldammer
Dr. Mercedes Guijarro
Dr. Simo Hostikka
Dr. Andrey Kalinin
Prof. Irek Khasanov
Major-General, Prof. Nikolay Kopylov Academician (Georgy Korovin)
Prof. Oleg Korobeinichev
Prof. Oleg Latyshev
Prof. Evgeny Lupayn
Dr. Samuel Manzello
Dr. William Mell
Prof. Elsa Pastor
Prof. Valery Perminov
Dr. Guillermo Rein
Prof. Oleg Sharypov
Dr. Masahiko Shinohara
Prof. Darko Stipanicev
Dr. Andrew Sullivan
Prof. Arnaud Trouve
Prof. Petr Tsvetkov
Dr. Vladimir Usenia
Prof. Liu Naian
Dr. Gavriil Xathanpoulos
Prof. Sergiy Zibtsev

Organizing Committee

Chair – Dr. Alexander Filkov
Co-Chair – Dr. Egor Loboda
Alexander Kuznetsov
Denis Kasimov
Margarita Agafontseva